Spider Vein Treatment

In Tomball, Texas

spider-veinsAt Helios Med Spa, Dr. Waqar Khan has spent years specializing in treatment of vascular conditions and diseases. Who better to diagnose and treat the vasculature then a board certified cardiologist? Using the latest in laser and radiofrequency technology to address the underlying problems associated with spider and varicose veins, Dr. Khan and his staff guide each patient through the types of treatments available. The Cutera Nd:YAG and sclerotherapy are treatment options for leg and facial veins at Helios. We also offer radiofrequency ablations for the larger leg veins. A more detailed look into the issues and treatments associated with varicose veins can be found at www.texasveinmd.com.

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Is there a specific laser to treat leg veins?

Dr. Campo Voegelis study indicates there are specific lasers that are better for vascular diseases and conditions that include spider veins, hemangiomas, rosacea and port wine stains. The Nd:YAG produces successful treatment for many patients. At Helios Med Spa, we use both the Cutera Nd:YAG laser and radiofrequency ablations to treat spider and varicose veins.

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