Rosacea Treatment

In Tomball, Texas

rosaceaHave you considered you might have rosacea? Red skin, inflammatory papules (raised spots) or pimple-like bumps or pustules can all be symptoms of the condition that cause patients to seek rosacea treatment and rosacea skin care. Other indications that you may have rosacea can include broken blood vessels in the facial area.

The latest research indicates rosacea symptoms may be produced by vascular changes making it difficult to treat with a topical product alone. At Helios Med Spa, we combine natural rosacea treatments of both topical products and Laser Genesis to activate your body’s own response. Typically, rosacea symptoms affect those with lighter skin and are common among both men and women. Currently there is no cure for rosacea, but it can be controlled with certain rosacea treatments.

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Natural rosacea treatment options and laser treatments

What are rosacea symptoms?

One symptom of rosacea is raised postules or bumps on the face or neck area.  Often patients are not sure if they have rosacea or acne and need guidance to choose the correct treatments and skin care products. Since there are similarities between acne and the actinic form of rosacea, it is best to seek the advice of a medical spa or physician to determine the correct rosacea treatment regimen. If you are tired of being embarrassed by and frustrated with breakouts and flushing or are uncertain of your current treatment,  schedule an appointment at our Tomball location in Houston, Texas.

Rosacea symptoms include:

  • Facial Flushing or Redness
  • Raised Postules or Pimples on the Face
  • Broken Facial Blood Vessels

What triggers rosacea?

Rosacea’s triggers are not completely understood, but it is known that certain lifestyle factors can lead to the symptoms listed below. The staff at Helios Med Spa specializes in the treatment of skin care issues such as rosacea and has the ability to treat the symptoms with an array of rosacea skin care

Frequently patients try to avoid these triggers; however, episodes of rosacea can still appear without the introduction of these foods or environmental factors.

Possible triggers of rosacea symptoms

  • Alcohol
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Stress
  • Sun Exposure
  • Spicy Foods

What is the treatment for rosacea?

Using the latest in laser technology to address the underlying vascular problems associated with spider and varicose veins, Dr. Khan and his certified staff guide each patient through the types of treatments available. In a recent study, Dr. Campo Voegeli indicates there are specific lasers adapted for rosacea patients producing successful treatment, reducing the onset of the chronic disease. At Helios Med Spa, we utilize the Cutera Nd:YAG, which is best suited for rosacea laser treatments as demonstrated in Dr. Voegeli’s research.

To view this information please download the study here.

Helios Med Spa Rosacea Treatments