Laser Hair Removal

In Tomball, Texas

laser-hair-removalFor many, unwanted facial, ingrown or excess body hair can  be a problem. But you don’t have to be embarrassed or fight that stubborn problem any longer. At Helios Med Spa, we offer outstanding laser hair removal results with one of the safest available lasers for hair removal. Our Cutera Nd:YAG laser has won numerous awards in the permanent hair removal category and been voted “Best Hair Removal Laser for Dark Skin Types” by the laser industry groups. Because of the laser’s performance, the Cutera Nd:Yag was chosen as a primary laser for hair removal in the Armed Services and their treatment facilities. Its efficacy and safety make it the perfect choice. We are confident that we can treat your skin type and address your hair removal concerns. Contact us today for your private consultation.

For those with lighter, finer hair and fairer skin types, we have a system designed specifically to target these conditions. Patients find this treatment quick and effective on those areas that may have been treated unsuccessfully in the past or have grown back into finer hair follicles that make it difficult for some lasers to target.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Can I get permanent hair removal with a laser?

Many people are unaware that there are differences in treatment results due to the type of laser or light-based systems used. Because some devices do not actually destroy or sufficiently heat the bulb of hair follicle, the level of re-growth may vary. Additionally, because hair grows in three phases, only the ones that are actually attached to the hair bed can be destroyed during any treatment. The others may still be visible but are actually on their way out of the body and ready to be shed. Therefore, treatment is spaced so these hairs will be active and destroyed at the following sessions, providing you the best opportunity to achieve true permanent hair removal over the course of your treatments. Our reduction rate is typically 85 to 90 percent.

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Is it possible to treat white or blonde hair?

Although many people want to treat white or blonde hairs, it is not possible at this time. The science behind all laser hair removal requires that the hair have an adequate level of melanin, or darker pigment, for the laser or light-based system to work correctly. However at Helios, we offer both dermaplaning and waxing as a solution for these patients.

Can I get relief from ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair can cause major skin irritations, postules and even develop into more serious conditions such as pseudo-follicae barbae or staph infections. Because of the outstanding results of the Cutera laser, we provide our patients relief from this condition. Over time, they see hair loss, skin irritation subside and relief after hair removal treatments. Our trained aestheticians may recommend skin care products from our PCA and Obagi skincare lines to lighten the darker skin pigment that is the result of ingrown hair irritation and inflammation.

How many treatments will I need?

Each patient is different and the hair removal requirements may vary. Our trained aestheticians and cosmetic counselors best determine this.

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What areas are treatable?

Please see our extensive list of treatments and prices.